Why choose us


What we do best

We have been making films since we were teenagers and without giving too much away, that’s a combined total of over 30 years experience. Eeek! We consider ourselves very lucky to be doing a job we love with clients who are in love.

We take the professionalism, discretion, and desire to craft something beautiful that we learnt from being on film sets, commercial work and six years of wedding filming and we bring that to your wedding.

How we do it 

Before your big day, we’ll be asking some questions to find out how to capture and edit the event into a film that you and those who love you will treasure forever.

On the big day, we’ll try our best to merge into the crowd. We won’t direct you unless we feel it absolutely necessary to achieve your vision of your perfect wedding film. We also use small cameras and minimal equipment. When going to say goodbye, we take it as a real compliment if a couple tells us that they forgot we were there. We’ve won awards for our work but we’re most proud of the rave reviews we get from happy couples.

Morgan + Nick

Don’t need anymore convincing? Then, what are you waiting for?